Jingle Punks at Realscreen Summit 2013: Day 1

January 28th, 2013

The Jingle Punks crew has rolled up to Realscreen Summit 2013 in Washington, DC. Day 1 saw attendees arrive… and Jingle Punks throw THE party at this year’s summit. Here’s a dispatch from our people on the ground…

Jingle Punks kicked off Realscreen 2013 the only way we know how—with a sweaty, boozy dance party. Co-sponsored with our friends at Ardaban and Shine America, the event was held at the hottest new night spot in DC, The Huxley (where even President Obama goes to get his drink and groove on). Attendees included folks from Magical Elves, Matador, WeTV, High Noon, North South, Leftfield, Shine UK, ITV, TBS/TNT, Bravo, USA Networks, The Weinstein Company, Spike, Brownstone Entertainment… basically, anyone you can imagine.

With DJ Bachelorette Party (aka Jingle Punk Luke Silas, one half of production duo and DJ crew Wolf Dick Clique) on the decks, the whiskey was flowing and booties were shaking. By the end of the night, no arrests had been made (we think), and an unforgettable night had been seared into the memories of those who could remember it. The next morning? Coffee and aspirin, and of course meeting-going and panel-attending. Jingle all the way.

Check out a few pics below, and way more on our Facebook page.



The Taste On ABC Premieres, Features Custom Theme and Music By Jingle Punks

January 22nd, 2013


The Taste, perhaps the most high profile network premiere of the season, has made its debut on ABC.

We at Jingle Punks are extremely proud to have provided a custom theme, as well as many custom tracks, for the show.

The Taste, which stars Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey, airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual Premieres On WeTV, Features Music From Jingle Punks Library

January 11th, 2013

Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, a ‘glimpse of her whirlwind life as she juggles being a wife and mom with super stardom,’ premieres this weekend on We.

Jingle Punks is proud to have provided music sourced from our artist library.

The show premieres Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 9/8c on We.

PUNKS IN VEGAS: The 2013 Jingle Punks Retreat

January 7th, 2013


On the first weekend of January, employees from the New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto Jingle Punks offices converged on Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the first ever company-wide Jingle Punks retreat.

In addition to the usual Vegas antics, all Jingle Punks employees spent a day in workshops, meetings, and presentations, assessing the state of Jingle Punks while also forming grand plans for 2013 and beyond.

Words can’t describe the weekend, but ‘Epic,’ as our CEO Jingle Jared has been known to exclaim, comes to mind.

OK, so do these words: casinos, body-surfing, party buses, boots of beer, and paddle spankings.

Check out photos from the weekend on Facebook. And don’t judge.

Tips From The Rock n’ Roll CEO No. 10: When That ‘Oh Sh*t’ Moment Happens, Don’t Panic!—Read Jingle Jared’s Latest Business Column For The Huffington Post

December 3rd, 2012

Have you ever shown up to a major presentation, or a big meeting, or a conference, or a job interview, only to be overcome with a panic-stricken feeling when you realize, to your horror, that you forgot something huge? Maybe the final version of the video that would surely win over the potential client? Perhaps a key piece of equipment crucial to your tech going off without a hitch? It’s the worst feeling. Your heart races, your body temperature shoots up, all of a sudden you’re itchy, sweaty…

Read Jared’s latest business column for the Huffington Post here.

Watch Episode 6 Of So You Think You Can Rap

December 3rd, 2012

Live from Universal City Walk in LA. Check it (and check more eps here).

Be The Boss, Featuring Music By Jingle Punks, Premieres Sunday, December 2 On A&E

November 30th, 2012

Be The Boss, an offshoot of CBS’ hit Undercover Boss, will have its series premiere this Sunday, December 2, on A&E.

The show pits two employees of the same franchise-based company against each other. More, from Deadline:

The employees go through challenges thinking they’re vying for a promotion, but in fact the winner will be handed the keys to a franchise or new branch of their own. There are no losers in this competition as the one who loses out on the franchise prize gets the promotion both employees had been seeking.

Everyone’s a winner? Sounds great! Jingle Punks is proud to have provided music sourced from our artist library.

Be The Boss is produced by Studio Lambert. The show airs Sundays at 10/9c on A&E.

More On Jingle Punks’ ‘Unique Partnership’ With Abu Dhabi-based PopArabia

November 29th, 2012

As previously mentioned, Jingle Punks is taking its first steps into the Middle East via a partnership with PopArabia, a music publishing and rights consultancy firm supported by the Abu Dhabi government’s entertainment and pop culture-focused twofour54 entity.

Here’s a bit more on the partnership, via twofour54’s newsletter.

PopArabia and Jingle Punks announce unique partnership

Music licensing company Jingle Punks and twofour54 based PopArabia have recently signed a deal which sees Jingle Punks’ New York-based studios enlisting songwriters and producers to create custom songs and compositions for UAE clients. PopArabia, the UAE-based music publisher and rights consultancy for the Middle East and North Africa, will make Jingle Punks’ entire library of more than 75,000 pre-cleared tracks available to its clients through this deal, marking the first custom composing initiative in the region.

Invention USA, Featuring Music By Jingle Punks, Airs Tonight

November 28th, 2012

Invention USA, featuring music by Jingle Punks, has its season premiere tonight on History.

The current season of the show will feature music sourced from the Jingle Punks artist library.

This season of Invention USA will air Tuesdays at 10/9c on History.

Jingle Punks Soundtracks Cleartrip Spots, Marks First Jingle Punks Foray Into India

November 26th, 2012

The wide world of Jingle Punks now includes India.

Jingle Punks has provided the soundtrack to spots for Cleartrip, an Indian travel site. The work was done via a notable India-based agency called Hello Robot. Read more about the campaign here.

Kudos to our SFX collaborators Brian Stroner and Steve Urban, who put in great work on a lightning-fast turn-around working with our studio.

And huge ups to Amir at Hello Robot and amazing director Helen Clemens, as well!